Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a 2-in-1 Toilet Right Away!

In the UK today, we're facing rising living costs, an increased need to make the most of our precious living space, and an increased awareness of our impact on our planet. This is where the ingenious design of the combo 2-in-1 toilet and sink can help you with these practical issues. Here is a list of the five best reasons you should consider the 2-in-1 toilet:

1: Fantastic Space Saver!

With the rapid increase in more economically sized properties, maximizing and making the most of our homes' space has never been more important. The 2-in-1 toilet with the sink feature built on top of the cistern not only looks innovative and futuristic, but it's a fantastic way to get the most out of your bathroom's floor space. The 2-in-1 toilet takes up minimal space and looks stylish at the same time!

2. Environmentally Conscious Hero!

In 2023, we're becoming even more aware of our human impact on our planet and have an increased desire to know how we can help contribute to being more environmentally friendly. One huge benefit of the 2-in-1 toilet and sink combo is that it is water-efficient. By connecting the toilet and sink, the water is recycled between the fixtures, significantly helping to conserve water.

3. Superhero Who Saves Money!

Not only does recycling water benefit the planet, but it also benefits your bank balance! You can save money on your water bill by conserving water with the 2-in-1 toilet. Not only will you save money on your utility bills, but installing the combo toilet and sink is far less expensive than the traditional model. Since it is a single unit, you do not have to install it separately, so you save on parts, pipes, and labour as well. That's a big water bill!

4. No fuss!

Unlike the more traditional toilet units, the toilet and sink combo is incredibly easy to install. There is no need for complicated and confusing pipeline installation because you only need to supply the sink with water and you're done!

5. It's easy to clean and saves time

Due to its efficient and ergonomic design, the toilet and sink combo is very easy to maintain. As the sink and toilet are fitted in one unit, there isn't a difficult sink underbelly or tank top to clean. Our time has never been so precious, so having an easy-to-clean essential item is a home must-have!

Whatever your reason for considering a toilet-sink combo, there is no denying that even just one of these listed benefits would greatly benefit your bathroom and home. At Nes Home, we have a fantastic selection of 2-in-1 toilet and sink combos for you to consider in different styles to suit any individual. No matter which style of 2-in-1 toilet sink you choose, you will have made a very worthwhile investment.

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